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Book Review – Questions I am asked about the Holocaust

Cover image for Questions I am asked about the Holocaust / Hédi Fried ; translated from the Swedish by Alice E. Olsson.

By Heidi Fried

An Auschwitz survivor, Heidi Fried has spent her life educating young people about the Holocaust, in hope that teaching others to never forget what happened means it won’t happen again. In her book, Fried answers some of the questions she has been asked. It’s moving, powerful, sincere, and the question and answer format makes it easy to absorb. A brief snapshot of a period of time that will, hopefully, never be repeated.

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Book Review Margaret

Book Review – The Things We Cannot Say

By Kelly Rimmer

Alice has plenty on her plate. She is juggling the demands of modern life which include a son with autism. Tragedy strikes when her elderly Polish grandmother has a stroke. The grandmother begs her to seek out their relatives in Poland. At first Alice is reluctant but quickly relishes the chance to travel and reevaluate her life. The story also deals with Alina who lives in Nazi occupied Poland. She is in love with Tomasz but he is on the run from the Nazis and they become separated. The two stories become entwined as Alice discovers a big secret in her grandmother’s past. I found this a moving and enthralling story and did not predict the ending.

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