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Book Review – The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Cover image for The Southern Book Club's guide to slaying vampires : a novel / Grady Hendrix.

By Grady Hendrix.

A true crime – obsessed, bored housewife realises her neighbour is a vampire preying on local children. When the police won’t do anything she recruits her friends from book club to take the monster down. This book is magnificent – it’s like Buffy Summer’s mum was the vampire slayer. And it even captures all the campy horror and gore of 80s and 90s vampire movies.

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Author Review Tegan

Author Review – Ben Aaronovitch

363130The imaginative “Peter Grant” series cleverly juxtaposes the magic and the mundane. Peter Grant, police officer and apprentice wizard, solves cases with elements drawn from the historical and mythological background of London. Start with “Rivers of London”.

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