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Book Review – Bruny

Cover image for Bruny / Heather Rose.

By Heather Rose

What a cracker of a start this book has! Set in Tasmania in the not too distant future. This book centres around a local family, the Coleman’s, and particularly Astrid (Ace) whose brother is Premier and sister the leader of the Opposition. Ace is a UN Peace Negotiator who is summoned home by her brother to help solve the mystery of who blew up the almost completed six-lane bridge from Hobart to Bruny Island. The plot is pacey, characters interesting and the setting draws you in. It got me thinking about government policies, environmental activism and how we build a sense of community around us. If you loved the TV series, “Years and Years” (showing on SBS: On Demand) you’ll love this too.

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Book Review – The Survivors

Cover image for The survivors / Jane Harper.

By Jane Harper

Fans of Jane Harper will be happy to read her newest book. Set in a seaside town, the story is immersive and suspenseful; the characters’ believable and interesting and it is a wonderful read.

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