Book Review Warwick

Book Review – Underground Airlines

By Ben H. Winters

A gripping book, based on the “What if” premise of a world where the American Civil War never happened. Alongside the modern society we know today, slavery still exists in the Deep South of the United States. With this backdrop, a man is coerced into becoming a bounty hunter of escapee slaves, following a trail of clues to find his target.

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Book Review Tim C

Book Review – The Gutter Prayer

By Gareth Hanrahan

The Gutter Prayer is an exciting new debut fantasy novel. Cari is a drifter come thief who is betrayed by the leader of the Thieves Guild while on a job. After being arrested and escaping Cari’s world becomes even more dangerous as she starts seeing visions that are granted through a link with a divine entity, and discovers a conspiracy dating back hundreds of years that could destroy the city. Hanrahan has created an incredibly dark, complex and detailed world of which this should be just the first amazing story.

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