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Book Review – A Lush and Seething Hell: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror

Cover image for A lush and seething hell : two tales of cosmic horror / John Hornor Jacobs.

By John Horner Jacobs.

Dark, beautiful and maddening, these two tales explore the psychological horror of trying to uncover secrets that were buried for good reason. One story transports you to the depths of the dark gothic American South, the other plays out amidst a backdrop of corruption and war across Spain and South America. Lovecraft gets a run for his money!

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Book Review Tim C

Book Review – The Black God’s Drums

38118138By P. Djeli Clark

Set in an alternate history 1884 New Orleans, Creeper is a street urchin who witnesses a clandestine meeting between some shady characters and decides she can use the information she witnessed to bribe her way on to an airship’s crew. However she ends up working to prevent an apocalypse with the help of some African deities. There is goddesses, mystical artefacts, airships, Haitian scientists, and a pair of bad-ass nuns. Although there is only a touch over 100 pages, the author manages to pack in a heap of world building that makes me really hope we see more soon!

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