Book Review Lee-Anne

Book Review – Educated : a memoir

By Tara Westover

A memoir so astoundingly unsettling that you hope that it can’t be real.
Ultimately though, it is an uplifting story about a woman’s discovery of education, its transformative power and her joyous journey of self-determination…but it is a wild, wild ride.
Tara, born into a family of Mormon survivalists who sacrificed the safely and wellbeing of their many children as they go about their doomsday preparations in blind faith, recounts her journey from a school-less childhood to earning a PhD in a testament that shows it is possible to move beyond the limitations of trauma and abuse.

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Book Review Sim

Book Review – Maybe you should talk to someone

By Lori Gottlieb

A memoir written by a therapist who seeks therapy herself after an unexpected event. She includes stories from her own life and therapy, as well as experiences she has with her own patients as they work together. At times a bit of an emotional read, but comforting in its portrayal of the solidarity that can be found in the lives of everyday people.

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