Amy S Book Review

Book Review – Circe

Cover image for Circe [large print] / Madeline Miller.

By Madeline Miller.

Fans of Greek mythology stories are going to love this one! In this novel Circe, the witch known as the villainous seductress from Homer’s Odyssey is recast as a victim of the corrupt society of the Gods, doing all she can to make a home and find herself. Powerful, poetic, and not afraid to show the ugly parts of womanhood.

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Amy S Book Review

Book Review – The Bear and the Nightingale

Cover image for The bear and the nightingale / Katherine Arden.

By Katherine Arden

If you like fantasy but want a changeup in the mythology this book is for you! Set in medieval Russia, this dark fairy tale takes inspiration from Slavic mythology, revealing a magical world as terrifying as it is inviting. It’s the first in the Winternight trilogy but can easily be read as a stand alone.

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