Amy K Book Review

Book Review – Day of the Accident

Cover image for Day of the accident / Nuala Ellwood.

By Nuala Ellwood

A twisty psychological thriller based on Maggie, a mum who wakes from a coma after an accident with no memory of what happened. I found the ending a bit lacklustre compared to the rest of the book, but an enjoyable and fairly quick read regardless.

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Amy S Media Review

Media Review – West World

Cover image for Westworld : Season 2 : The Door [DVD].

Directed by Jonathan Nolan

There is honestly not a more wonderfully fun pairing than old world cowboys and new world sci-fi, and West World brings it in spades. Set in the near distant future, West World is a wild west themed adventure park where all the hosts are androids. Guests to the park are encouraged to live their wildest fantasies, including falling in love with or even shooting dead the park hosts. But something is going horribly wrong, because the staff are noticing that some of the hosts aren’t acting right. Things start going pear shaped as an upgrade in the hosts allows them to recall their previous experiences, previous deaths, and previous programming. And at the heart of it all is a mystery: a maze that, if solved, might change everything. What I loved most about this series was clever little details scattered through that always leave you feeling a little off kilter so to remind yourself that West World is just a game. The soundtrack often features a player piano doing renditions of modern tracks by artists like Radiohead, the Rolling Stones, and Amy Winehouse. And there are moments throughout where you’re not quite sure if you’re looking at a human or an android – especially when the androids start to remember and make their own decisions. It’s a smart series with a brilliant cast and a fourth season on the way.

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