Margaret Media Review

Media Review – Room

By Emma Donoghue

A young woman is held captive in a room for 7 years where she gives birth to her son Jack. Brie Larson won a well deserved Oscar for her portrayal of Ma. She is terrified of her captor but stays strong to protect her son. Young Jack has just turned five and shows great imagination, resilience and bravery. The room is his whole world and he has trouble visualising that anywhere else is real. This is a love story between a mother and her son and shows the value of hope and never giving up no matter how desperate the situation. Get your hankies out. 5 stars

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Luke Media Review

Media Review – Kumiko the Treasure Hunter

Fabulous hidden treasures deep in the freezing Minnesota wilderness lure Kumiko from her stifling Tokyo office job. She’s deciphered clues on an old VHS tape, but no-one (except her adorable rabbit Bunzo) is interested. Kumiko must undertake this surreal and perilous quest alone. Against better judgement we can’t help but root for Kumiko as she crosses the globe on a stolen credit card. Hers is a fool’s errand, surely destined for icy tragedy…. By turns warm and chilling; comforting and confronting; inspirational and devastating. “Kumiko the Treasure Hunter” will push your happy-sad buttons hard.

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