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Media Review – The Curse of Oak Island

Cover image for The curse of Oak Island [DVD]. Season 1.

By Kevin Burns

I don’t usually watch documentaries but a friend recommended this series to me. Follow brothers Marty and Rick Lagina as they attempt to find treasure on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Despite the fact that no-one has found treasure (or anything approaching it) in 200 years people are still drawn to the legend of the island and are still looking for it. Theories of what the treasure is grow larger and stranger with each subsequent season. All the usual and some of the unusual suspects are here ranging from, the rather tame, pirate treasure, the lost manuscripts of Shakespeare all the way through to treasures from the temple of Solomon. If you enjoy a good yarn with potential treasure thrown into the mix then do yourself a favour, sit back and enjoy.

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Media Review – Room

By Emma Donoghue

A young woman is held captive in a room for 7 years where she gives birth to her son Jack. Brie Larson won a well deserved Oscar for her portrayal of Ma. She is terrified of her captor but stays strong to protect her son. Young Jack has just turned five and shows great imagination, resilience and bravery. The room is his whole world and he has trouble visualising that anywhere else is real. This is a love story between a mother and her son and shows the value of hope and never giving up no matter how desperate the situation. Get your hankies out. 5 stars

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