Book Review Tam

Book Review – The Strawberry Thief

By Joanne Harris

This book continues the story of the characters first introduced to readers in the book Chocolat. The wind still blows in changes, and the world created is magical.

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Author Review Warwick

Author Review – Haruki Murakami

60765auWhen you start a Murakami story you don’t really know what you are going to get. Most of his stories are set in modern Japan, and are filled with intriguing characters. These include a man in the novel ‘Kafka on the shore’ who always refers to himself in the third person, “Nakata loves eel”, and has the ability to talk to cats. Another is Tsukuru Tazaki, socially isolated and trying to work out why his school friends abandoned him many years ago. Murakami’s books are quirky, surreal and unconventional.

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