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Book Review – When we were Vikings

Cover image for When we were Vikings : a novel / Andrew David MacDonald.

By Andrew David McDonald

A heart-warming debut for fans of ‘Eleanor Oliphant’ and ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’. Zelda is a young adult with high-functioning Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. When her brother makes some bad choices everything changes.

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Book Review – Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies

Cover image for Bridge burning : & other hobbies / Kitty Flanagan.

By Kitty Flanagan

If, like me, you enjoy comedian Kitty Flanagan’s sense of humour give her book a go. To enjoy it even more get it as an audiobook as she reads it. It’s like one of her stand up routines in book form (that’s why I’m suggesting the audiobook). Warning – If listening to this in public you will get odd looks as you spontaneously burst out laughing.

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