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Book Review – Unwritten

index (13)By Tara Gilboy

Gracie is a normal schoolgirl whose life is turned upside down when she sneaks out of the house to hear a talk at a book shop from an author who it turns out wrote Gracie’s life story… Literally. Gracie discovers that she, her family, and her friends are characters come to life out of a story book that have left the pages in order to escape the evil Queen. Gracie’s story within the story becomes even more complicated when they are drawn back within the pages of the book, and have to discover a dark truth in order to survive!

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Author Review Sam

Author Review – Laura Childs

The Teashop Mysteries – One of the best “cozy” mystery series I’ve read.  Set in a Charleston tea shop with a cast of great repeating characters.  This one will have you picking up a cup of tea and settling in for the entertainment.

Cover image for Sweet tea revenge / Laura Childs.

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