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Game Review – Untitled Goose Game

By House House

In theory, the concept of Untitled Goose Game is pure ridiculousness. It’s a lovely day in the village, and you’re a horrible goose. Sounds silly and pointless right? But what makes Untitled Goose Game so perfect is the fact that it’s so absurd. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create chaos for the sake of chaos. Be the goose. Muck around. Scare a small boy, steal a gardener’s hat, throw things in the lake, and honk at anyone and everyone, and for what? Because it’s mindless chaotic fun. Because you are a horrible goose, and you live to ruin this village’s lovely day because you can. Chaos reigns in Untitled Goose Game, and it is the kind of slapstick, hilarious chaos that brings out unbridled joy in even the most rule-abiding goody two shoes.

Bree M Media Review

Game Review – Subnautica

subnautica-cover-artSubnautica is an immersive underwater adventure, set in an open world RPG. You play as a stranded space explorer, the only person left alive after your ship crashed into planet 4546B. You need to search the planet, crafting equipment and solving puzzles to find out what happened and how to get off the planet. However, be careful, because there are monsters lurking in the dark.

Available on Xbox One and PS4

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