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Author Review – Mitch Albom


If you are looking for moving narratives that really make you think about and re-

evaluate your own priorities, Mitch Albom books (both fiction and non-fiction) are perfect. The classic non-fiction book Tuesdays with Morrie, where Mitch carries out a succession of interviews with his dying former teacher, was really moving and made me an avid reader of his fiction novels. Each conveys a profound message of self-reflection whilst also being enjoyable to read.


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Book Review Sonja

Book Review – Nevermoor

9780734418074 (1)

Fans of Harry Potter will love this new series of books by Australian author Jessica Townsend.

Morrigan Crow has been told she is cursed from the day she was born and doomed to die on her 11th birthday. But, with the help of a mysterious man called Jupiter North, she escapes her fate and is transported to a magical city called Nevermoor. Though there is one thing, to stay she has to pass a series of trials against hundreds of other children.

A stunning debut, and the beginning of a magical adventure. We can’t wait for the next installment.

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