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Graphic Novels Review – The Graveyard Book : Volume 1

Cover image for The graveyard book [graphic novel] : Volume 1 / based on the novel by Neil Gaiman ; adapted by P. Craig Russell ; illustrated by Kevin Nowlan and six others.

By Neil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell

This is an adaptation of Gaiman’s original novel, brought to life by several truly talented artists. The artwork brings to life the whimsy and macabre in equal measures, and makes for a short, sharp and shiny retelling. The story is also told in episodic bites so it’s easy to pick up and put down again – but why would you want to!?

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Book Review Bree M

Book Review – Mirage

Cover image for Mirage / Somaiya Daud.

By Somaiya Daud

A sci-fi story with the feel of a historical Middle Eastern fairy tale. Maram, a princess of two colonies is finding her public appearances more and more dangerous until she finds Amani, a local girl who could be her twin. But Amani doesn’t want to play princess, the stakes are too high.

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