Book Review Lee-Anne

Book Review – Educated : a memoir

By Tara Westover

A memoir so astoundingly unsettling that you hope that it can’t be real.
Ultimately though, it is an uplifting story about a woman’s discovery of education, its transformative power and her joyous journey of self-determination…but it is a wild, wild ride.
Tara, born into a family of Mormon survivalists who sacrificed the safely and wellbeing of their many children as they go about their doomsday preparations in blind faith, recounts her journey from a school-less childhood to earning a PhD in a testament that shows it is possible to move beyond the limitations of trauma and abuse.

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Book Review Luke

Book Review – Without You, There is No Us

thediplomat_2014-12-25_07-12-22A rare first-hand account of daily life for North Korea’s most fortunate young adults. Slipping incognito into the regime quickly renders Kim, a hardened western journalist, despondent. This is a vital and ultimately heartbreaking read.

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