Amy X Series Review

TV Series Review – A Place to Call Home

Cover image for A place to call home [DVD]. Season 6.

Written by Bevan Lee, Australian TV writer.

A Place to Call Home is about the love story of a Jewish nurse and a local, wealthy farm owner after World War II. The show is so interesting as it is filled with love, conflict of different faith, conflict between in-laws, conflict between social classes in the 50’s and politics. It is about what Australia looked like in the 50’s. Very good TV series to watch.

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Sam Series Review

Series Review – Whisper & Weapon Duology

By Lynette Noni

What happens when the girl who chooses not to speak because she believes she is a monster, changes her mind? To be honest I didn’t have high expectations going in, I thought it was going to be yet another Hunger Games/Divergent type of thing. The books: Whisper & Weapon are an excellent and original young adult duology. There are plenty of action scenes, lots of secrets, a good number of conspiracies and more twists and turns than you can poke a stick at. This author grew up and lives in Australia so it is nice to see an Australian setting. I really enjoyed this book and I certainly didn’t see all the twists coming.

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