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Book Review – A Lush and Seething Hell: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror

Cover image for A lush and seething hell : two tales of cosmic horror / John Hornor Jacobs.

By John Horner Jacobs.

Dark, beautiful and maddening, these two tales explore the psychological horror of trying to uncover secrets that were buried for good reason. One story transports you to the depths of the dark gothic American South, the other plays out amidst a backdrop of corruption and war across Spain and South America. Lovecraft gets a run for his money!

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Book Review – Educated

Cover image for Educated / Tara Westover.

By Tara Westover.

A fascinating and inspiring insight into a childhood within a survivalist family in Idaho. Overcoming the odds, growing up outside of mainstream society, Tara has a very limited view of the wider world. Challenging the beliefs she had instilled, she is torn between a family she loves and the society she lives and studies in. A beautiful and moving memoir.

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