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Book Review – Ten Rouges

Ten Rogues : The unlikely story of convict schemers, a stolen brig and an escape from Van Diemen's Land to Chile - Peter Grose

By Peter Grose

A fascinating account of convicts on Sarah Island who escaped to Chile on a brig they had built themselves. Taken from personal writings of those involved. A really interesting read, with lots of historical information included.

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Amy K Book Review

Book Review – Blame

Cover image for Blame / Nicole Trope.

By Nicole Trope

A contemporary family drama set in Australia “Blame” tells the conflicting stories of 2 women as they are questioned by police after a tragic accident,. What happened that day, and who is telling the truth? “Blame” is gritty, touches on uncomfortable subjects and makes you think about how your might act in these circumstances. This was very easy to read and a real page turner – I finished it in 2 days, where most books take me 1 – 2 weeks.

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