Author Review Rebecca

Author Review – Nicholas Sparks

2018-nicholas-sparksNicholas Charles Sparks is an American romance novelist and screenwriter. He has published more than twenty novels and two non-fiction books. He is a master of poignant love stories. In his novels there’s no great love without some loss and his characters frequently are faced with a difficult challenge before proving they’re worthy of love. In his novels, you can feel, touch and experience the beauty of true love. Eleven of his romantic novels has been adapted to films.

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Author Review Paige

Author Review – Keri Arthur

keri-1If you love paranormal romance check out Keri Arthur’s books. She has a range of different series that will be sure to capture your attention. Whenever I pick up her books I can’t put them down til I finish. Her latest series is the Lizzie Grace series – 4 part book series with the 4th one released in Feb 2019.

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