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Book Review – The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Cover image for The Southern Book Club's guide to slaying vampires : a novel / Grady Hendrix.

By Grady Hendrix.

A true crime – obsessed, bored housewife realises her neighbour is a vampire preying on local children. When the police won’t do anything she recruits her friends from book club to take the monster down. This book is magnificent – it’s like Buffy Summer’s mum was the vampire slayer. And it even captures all the campy horror and gore of 80s and 90s vampire movies.

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Amy X Media Review

Movie Review – Mulan

Mulan (2020 film) poster.jpg

By Caro, Niki

The performances are powerful. The story is about a young woman disguised as a man to be a soldier in old China. It is a story about being brave, duty and finding a true “Me”. It is worth watching it with family especially when you have a girl in that home.

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