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Book Review – Lenny’s Book of Everything

Cover image for Lenny's book of everything / Karen Foxlee.

By Karen Foxlee

I read this book because my eleven year old handed it to me, tears flowing down his face, saying, “Mum, you have to read this!” so, of course, I started it immediately. Lenny is a young girl with a big, curious mind and a younger brother, Davey, who will not stop growing. The family win a competition where they receive installments from a locally published encyclopaedia. Lenny and Davey pore over every detail, hungry for knowledge. Their single mother, Cynthia, who has anxiety, does her best to provide for her children and it’s interesting to read about her from Lenny’s perspective. As their encyclopedia collection grows, so does Davey, and Lenny learns that knowledge can’t fix everything, and that love really does encompass everything. Warning, bring the tissues!

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